Edge of June

On the morning of May 29th, 2022, Indy 500 fans make their yearly pilgrimage to Speedway, Indiana. Residents of the town turn their driveways to parking lots and cardboard to signs. This short human-interest documentary turns the camera away from the track and toward the people swirling around the edge of the oval.

Don't Miss Me When You're Gone

A short exploration of love and loss set around the 1969 Vietnam draft lottery.

Mississippi’s Hands

Jasper signs his paintings in bold as “The Brush Master”. But folks round the country know him as Mississippi. He’s had a harrowing life and wears his heart on his sleeve. He earned his right to stand tall and keep his chin high. From sharecropping, to cooking, fixing cars, and painting, he finds a way to use his hands, grab life and pull through.

Cast Out

“Cast Out” gazes into the rippling waters which Indianapolis straddles. This short film reflects the seasonal cycles in the city. It explores conservational and consumptive fishing on the White River watershed.

With stark black and white photography and a sparse linear narrative, it asks the audience to be present like the subjects it documents. As a fisherman cannot cast into the river to catch a fish from the sea, this film too plants itself on the banks of the midwestern waterways and waits.


So long as the temps are above freezing, Lionel clocks out of his day job as a claims adjuster and hits the Wendy’s parking lot. With gospel in his headphones, he juggles a homemade baton and dips and dives on the handle bars of his cruiser. He’s a humble performer spreading joy for the passing commuters.